Served with Miso Soup or Salad
Substitute Soy Paper $1.00

  • * Sushi Regular

    7 pieces sushi and California roll

  • * Sushi Deluxe

    10 pieces sushi and spicy tuna roll

  • * Sushi and Sashimi Combo

    7 pieces sushi and 8 pieces sashimi with tuna roll

  • * Sashimi Regular

    15 pieces sashimi

  • * Sashimi Deluxe

    18 pieces sashimi

  • * Spicy Maki Combo

    Spicy tuna roll, spicy yellowtail roll and spicy salmon roll

  • * Maki Combo A

    California roll, philly roll and shrimp tempura roll

  • * Maki Combo B

    Tuna avocado roll, salmon avocado roll, eel cucumber roll

  • * Super Boat

    10 pieces sashimi, 5 pieces sushi, dragon roll, sex in the lobby roll, super crunch roll, pink lady roll, shrimp tempura roll, one hot /cold sake

  • * Love Boat

    7 pieces sashimi, 4 pieces sushi, green dragon roll, spicy tuna roll, rainbow roll, angel roll and one hot sake